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Many tools and methodologies exist to innovate. The most important thing is to know how how to use the most relevant to match with your project!

Spark Lab is (among others) here for that.

Our tools

Business model canvas


This tool* allows to transform ideas into a business model and to define the desirability, viability and feasibility of an innovative idea.

*A tool from

Idea canvas


This tool allows to submit an innovative idea by highlighting the first observations of the concept: What are the customer issues that we are thinking of responding to ? What are the innovative solutions to respond to them? What are the key success factors for such a project? What would the sales pattern be?

value proposition canvas


This tool* will help to better identify the customer segments concerned and the associated value propositions. This model is presented in two distinct parts: the customer profile and the value card to combine solutions and customer expectations.

*A tool from

Innovation opportunity canvas


This tool* allows to take stock of current knowledge and the uncertainties to be explored during an innovation project.

*Inspired by

exploration sprint canvas


In order to ensure that your innovation project is on the right track, rapid explorations allow in a few days to dig out certain unknowns of the project and to bring out new uncertainties that will have to be deepened later to allow the viability of the project.

Tool inspired by

Persona client


The persona* allows to clearly explain, visualize and classify the different customer segments. This is a tool that will be enriched as you meet and explore on the field.

*Initiated by Alan Cooper

empathy map


The empathy map* allows you to highlight the irritants and pain points of your target. The goal is to gain a shared understanding of the users or customers of a product.

*Inspired by

user journey map


It is a support tool* for a better understanding of the customer journey throughout the life cycle of a product / service: points of contact and interactions, satisfaction, dissatisfaction, etc. This canvas makes possible to identify potential irritants and possible innovation opportunities, in particular through the description of each action and by evaluating its user experience and emotions.

*Inspired by

experts interviews


In order to ensure the viability of your innovation project, it’s important to be inspired and to collect knowledge. One of the possibilities is to interview business experts to enrich your innovative concept in order to assess the risks and opportunities. This tool* makes it possible to synthesize the main lessons of these interviews.

*Inspired by


How might we canvas ?


In order to remove the first technical and market obstacles, you will have to conduct a few interviews with experts in order to gather their knowledge and opinions on the subject and their additional risk / opportunity assessment which will enrich the questions already written. During the interview take notes in the form of “how could we …?”

Tool Inspired by

interview question canvas


This is a tool* to help you conduct your first customer interviews. Interaction with customers is a crucial part in order to test your innovative solution. You will be able to detect customer appetite, identify good use cases and look for pain points.

*Inspired by

prototyping toolbox


Now it’s time to interview target customers, test your innovative concept and secure the appetite of users, customers, re-tailers (it all depends on the most critical action you’ve identified). The objective is to outline the solution in order to make the concept more tangible. You will find several quick and easy prototyping solutions.

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