This is our mission.


We are fully aware of our responsibilities and ensure we give sense and meaning to the projects we work on alongside our clients.

We are curious, rigorous, tenacious, creative and team-oriented, driven by the creation of value, whether economic, environmental or social.


Our vision is that in a rapidly changing digital world, a business’s future lies in its ability to act as an eco-system and to innovate.


Our natural environment is at grassroots level. We are convinced that it is by being as close as possible to users and the market that we can create value for people, the environment and businesses.

Our background

In 2015, as long-time friends, we were both working for leaders in the sports industry as Innovation, R&D and Marketing Managers. Frustrated by the lack of agility in the way innovation is managed, we had a shared desire to transform practices and introduce a more hybrid approach between businesses, based on what is actually happening on the ground, as well as on an understanding of use and technology and the construction of new models.


Then, at a conference, we discovered effectuation. It was a revelation that encompassed the practices and intuitions we were seeking. The seed was planted and the way forward became clear!

A few months later, we took the plunge and launched the SPARK LAB adventure!


Aristide & César, Co-founders

SPARK lab Values


We work on innovation projects that help create the products, services and companies of the future. We do this while respecting the human and environmental values that are important to us.





Effectuation represents what we are, namely entrepreneurs who believe in taking initiatives and taking action.





Our business is people-oriented and based on trust. Doing business with complete honesty is our uncompromising principal.





It is in difference, diversity and interaction that originality and value is created.





Our development is guided by a sense of responsibility. We are well aware of our role and the social and environmental impact of our actions.

The spark lab team



Spark Lab is a team of passionate people from a range of backgrounds – engineers, experts in innovation through use, innovation management, designers of offers for digital services and/or products and experts in both marketing and bringing innovative offers to market.


César Houot


Tennis is played as a doubles team at Spark Lab.

Innovation marketing is Caesar’s match point to ensure a fine win in the market!

He is clever, fast-thinking and likes to focus on the services and world of the future.

César is an engineer by training and has 15 years’ experience in international marketing and the creation of innovative offers.

Thanks to his soft skills and knowledge of market mechanisms, César has outstanding talent for creating and marketing innovative offers.


Aristide Wolfrom


Winner of the transformation Grand Slam, Aristide is always ready to serve an ace. Matches on clay courts excite him as much as grassroots innovation and creativity!

Both brilliant at coaching players and leading teams, he is as comfortable talking about strategy, innovation and digital transformation as he is exploring and understanding the field. Aristide has 15 years’ experience in innovation and a solid scientific background in the design of digital products and platforms.

He also has a strong culture of innovation and digitization methodologies and tools and knows how to use them to boost innovation within organizations.



Innovation project manager

Ice axe and crampons are her favourite tools in business for high-performance team climbing.

Fiona is skilled at mountain climbing and innovation as a collaborative marathon to create and test solutions for a better future!

She is an engineer and has acquired in-depth knowledge of the industrial world after 3 years with a leading consultancy firm.

Fiona is concerned about integration and equality and is involved in skills-based sponsorship at the French foundation, Habitat & Humanisme.


Pierre Bouillot

Innovation project manager

Your projects will reach the highest summits with our well-tested rider, boosted by experience in the field.

Even if his sense of humor occasionally veers off track, he’s very much in the saddle when it comes to project management and creating innovative solutions.

An INSA Lyon engineer and graduate of the IAE Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Business, Pierre combines scientific knowledge and a market approach focused on uses in the innovation projects he manages.


Meïdi Lignon

Product Development Engineer

Meïdi is in no danger of falling off the rock face. His stamina and agility are perfect for performing and progressing along the routes of eco-design and product design!

He is highly skilled with both carabiners and innovation!

A mechanical engineer from INSA Lyon with outstanding skills in product design, Meïdi worked for a number of leading names in innovative solution design before joining Spark Lab.

He complements these skills with certification and the completion of several projects in eco-design and product/service life cycle analysis.


Théo Laurent

Industrial designer

Théo is one of the best quarterbacks of his generation – he’s always looking for openings and ways to surprise his opponents!
He’s creative and a real team player, reigning supreme when it comes to celebrating team victory.
Théo has been working on design projects for 15 years, after graduating from the Olivier de Serres art school. He has created numerous products and services in the sectors of sport, childcare, health and industry.

Loryne Derat

Administrative management officer

Loryne is a battle and freestyle champion who ensures the bills stay in line and keeps the agency’s administration on its toes!
Her organization is as precise and surefooted as her breakdancing. Loryne is following a BTS sandwich course in mid-market management at IDRAC.

Louis Fesquet

Innovation project manager

Louis definitely has the wind in his sails when it comes to digital innovation projects.
Always at the helm and setting the sails in areas involving digitization and IoT, his skills in navigation and innovation are shipshape.
Louis graduated from Telecom ParisTech, having majored in Networks & Internet of Things and Innovation Management.
He then specialized in innovation for his Master’s degree in « Project Design Innovation » at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.
After working in the open innovation department of a French energy sector leader, his course is now set on the agency’s digitization and energy transition projects!

Matteo Hebert

UI/UX Designer

UX/UI and ergonomics all form part of his energy drink and the user path is his compass!
Matteo never wavers when faced with user experience or interface issues.
He is fine tuning his skills at the Ecole Supérieure du Digital, after obtaining a DUT degree in Multimedia and the Internet.




Are you curious, full of ideas and up for a challenge?


Are you already working in innovation, design, business or data?

Do you want to join a dynamic and entrepreneurial adventure on a human scale?

Do you like to share your points of view, test them in the field and challenge them in order to bring about positive change?