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Want to turn your innovation project into reality ? Together, we create, make and quickly test new concepts to transform them into business.


Our innovation process is user-centered. From concept to prototype and tested in real-life situations, we transform ideas into innovative products and services.

Find innovation opportunities

Uses & trends

Users studies
Market exploration
Latest developments & trends

Create a concept

Design & prototyping

Creative workshop
Business Model creation
Design & Prototyping

Test and validate

Users test & business model

Solution evaluation with user
Feedback analysis
Validation / solution improvement



With 10 years’ experience in Innovation (market insights, user experience studies and new technologies) we also have a strong expertise in the Internet of things.

User experience studies

Explore and understand user behaviours by doing field interviews and surveys.

Design & prototyping

Create new concepts by engaging in creative workshops, design and rapid prototyping.

Pictogramme - Tests utilisateurs


Evaluate a products and a service through qualitative analysis with users

Pictogramme - Objets connectés

Internet of Things

In the current digitalisation context, we have developped a specific IoT offer. Thanks to our broad network in the IoT, we have/can create connected objects and new business models.

Among our works



Connect a product to develop new services


Vapé Rail

Plastic Industrial

Improve working conditions on construction sites by developing new products.



IoT Start-up

Design a new connected product to measure large structures distortions.



We are a multidisciplinary team of engineers, Marketing experts and Designers. We lead innovation projects with our clients, according to their means and know-how.

Aristide Wolfrom

Aristide Wolfrom


Passionate about sailing, I like to lead the crew on the new territory and change direction when necessary. Engineer, I have 10 years’ experience in R&D Management and Innovation.

César Houot - Spark Lab

César Houot


Passionate about discovering new territories and cultures, I believe that innovation is valuable only when it makes sense for the users ! Engineer, I have 10 years’ experience in International Marketing.


Spark Lab is part of the Innovation and new technologies ecosystem. We have a network of partners such as startups, labs, universities and clusters including :


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